Our services
for your start in Germany

Germany is an interesting new market for you and your company. Clearly, you want to make a foray into this new market. Establishing one’s own business in a new, foreign and international market also means jumping into cold water. That is where we come into play: Being the e-commerce company in the three-country border between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and looking back on almost 20 years of expertise and experience, we combine the essential know-how of the German market as well as e-commerce and online marketing skills to get you started.

Together we will make your company a success in Germany.

Our three point-plan for our collaboration

1st point

Getting to know you and your products

In order to venture on new paths and head for the German market, one needs to know not only about the market itself but rather about the market landscape as well as the target group and their interests, their behaviour and their shopping behaviour.

Before we start a new project with one of our clients we first analyse these points in combination with a detailed analysis of your competitors in Germany. After these essential and detailed preparatory work steps we offer an extensive plan for your success in Germany, including recommendations and realistic objectives concerning your placement in the years ahead.

In a first consulting service session you’ll get to know us and give an overview over your products as well as services. This way, we get an idea about your needs, requirements as well as challenges. This is our basis for research, monitoring and our preparation of our strategy for you and for your kick-off workshop.

The second step is a kick-off workshop, where your needs and demands are transformed into a detailed strategy.

Kick-off workshop

Kick off workshop

2nd point

Preparing for your successful start

A solid foundation is the best basis for building a house – or a good e-business project. Before you can reach out to your target group, the strategy must be clear. Your company must match the German standards. Not only is a translation of your website and collaterals only the first step, but also German law and regulations must be kept in mind as well. Hence, the correct certification marks and a perfect check out including the favoured payment methods of German customers are needed, if you are planning on an e-commerce project. For your website an ideal structure of your online presence, the handling and the arrangement must be taken into consideration. As part of this phase the required tools for your performance measurement will be set up.

In milestone meetings – in person or via telephone conference – progress is presented, while upcoming queries can be resolved. Before go-live a testing phase for you and your employees will be provided and any bugs are fixed.

Milestone meeting

Milestone meeting

3rd point

Starting online in Germany

Making your brand and your products as successful as possible is our aim. We provide an efficient and ideal use of different tools, channels and solutions. Out of our well-stocked tool box we pick the exact tools needed for your marketing mix. If needed, we offer trainings and workshops for your employees and work hand in hand with them.

Constructive and lasting collaborations have priority to us. We care for your project and guide you during your first steps in a new market and help you on a long-term basis. Together, we plan marketing campaigns and help you accomplish these – or do it for you.


Get in contact with us – we are looking forward to a new challenge and a new project with you and your company.