Our competences
in e-commerce and online marketing

We are proud to look back on almost 20 years of experience in e-commerce and online marketing and we have also successfully brought many projects to the German market and hence have the essential know-how. We offer not only support in several different fields, but also work out an entire concept for your requirements, always regarding the challenges of the German market.

We support you in the following steps

Constructing your digital workplace, showroom and store

Developing fitted solutions for your requirements is the basis for a new start in a new country. We combine the essential software development, shop architecture (if necessary) and communication designs to create your workplace as well as a new showroom for your products, a shop that works for German customers or a new website for your brand and your service.

Establishing your brand and your products in the German market

Telling your new customers in Germany about your ideas, products, presences and ideals is part of our online marketing. Making your website or shop identifiable for customers as well as search engines is complimented by supporting online ads via Search Ads or Social Ads in our online competences for you.

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We reach out to your clients and customers with valuable content in conjunction with e-mail marketing. These are only a few steps we can provide for your marketing mix for the German market.

Building a strong partnership

We set the starting point for your success in Germany and accompany you through your marketing and e-business obstacles throughout. Regular reporting of campaigns as well as developments and close agreements with our clients are our core, giving you feedback, discussing new ideas and ways of thinking and also giving an expert’s advice when needed are our principles of a strong partnership that lasts.


Get in contact with us – we are looking forward to a new challenge and a new project with you and your company.